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Minister Bill DeDual

Minister Bill DeDual

(A work in progress!)

In my younger years I found myself in the shoes of the Hungry and Homeless, Starving almost to death, getting food out of garbage cans, pushing aside the rats to steal their food.
Sleeping anywhere I could lay my head, winters were the worst, cold and miserable, constantly hearing “I’ll pray for you!” instead of here’s a warm shower, a blanket to keep you warm and a hot meal!
Oh yes I also heard “Get a job you bum!” when there was no way for me to get one the circumstances I was in kept me from obtaining one.

But The Lord had different plans for me other than dying at that horrific point of my life, I now pastor a church and have a presence online.

The Lord has laid it upon my heart to help the people whom I once was, but I need help to do this.
Lord willing I’ll be opening a food shelter in the Rockford area, handing out Food, Bibles and preaching the Word of God to them, but like I said I need your help to do this, so far I have been doing what I do as a love offering receiving no money, but this is a little bigger and I can’t do it alone.
Since the Lord laid it on my heart to do, He also sees the ones who are willing to help me and the ones who don’t.
What are you willing to do for Him today?

I was getting rich at one point in my life when I was younger that’s all that mattered to me at that time, But then I met Jesus and saw His face! I asked Him to forgive me of all that I did wrong and I gave my life to Him and to do whatever to get all my sin out of my life! I also learned to be careful how I asked Him, because what started was a whirlwind of things happening people cut out of my life lost my business, house etc. However now I praise God that He loved me so much to care about what I was doing and making me into what He wanted me to be and do, now here I am, Praising His name in what He has laid on my heart! Am I poor now? Yes! But I am in His will Not mine! Hallelujah!! Glory to the Highest!!

A part of my personal testimony!
Some believe that once a person becomes saved that it is impossible for that person to do wrong again, Becoming saved doesn’t take away our free will, because we still have free will to choose. Some think Jesus then takes away our ability to choose, which isn’t true, not saying we should do wrong because we’re forgiven, we shouldn’t, but if we do mistakenly do wrong, that means we can go to the Father and ask forgiveness and we have it, Only because Jesus already paid our debt with His blood. Paul explains that part when he says what a despicable person he is.
That said, many people don’t understand the two parables, 1) Prodigal son. 2) Jesus leaving the 99 sheep to find the one.
Both of which happened to me.
I personally know what those two mean, I accepted Jesus sometime in my early 20’s and lived my life for God for little while, but I personally didn’t have an experience with God, you know what I mean, He wasn’t real to me. It’s not at all that I didn’t believe because I did and I believed that Jesus died for my sins, I believed everything the Bible told me. I had head knowledge, Not heart knowledge, Huge difference!
OK so years go by and I started drinking, didn’t really like drugs so I didn’t get into that, and then I started to get a dream, I was going along a highway, it was night, and when I started to come up on a curve that went to the left, I saw a big white cross on the right side, the cross was lit, glowing with a white light, every once in awhile I would have the same dream, it didn’t change, then they became more frequent, I started having them once a day.
Then finally I said out loud “What does this mean?” a small voice said “I am real!” Now remember this is years later, yes I accepted Jesus with the sinners prayer I even got baptized back then, you know the whole nine yards. and I tried to do right things for about 3-4 years, but it wasn’t real. But now He’s speaking to me, He didn’t do that before, Years later He’s telling me He wants me back! Wow!
That’s when I started receiving Heart knowledge, (again years later) and He started to do things in my life that showed me He is real. Not because I’m special, but because He’s merciful. I said to Him OK Lord take away everything that you don’t like in my life, (Oh my Gosh, consider the cost before you ask Him that!) He will give it to you! First thing I stopped drinking to show Him I was serious, He accepted that gesture, I re-dedicated my life to Him, I got re-baptized, and then things started happening in my life like a whirlwind! EVERYTHING WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME! except my daughter He allowed me to keep her, except before He did, she contracted a rare disease that was Killing her.
Now while she was in the hospital, I prayed God take me instead, you know I was begging for her life and trying to trade God for her life. after about three weeks of praying, crying, trading, begging, a still small voice came to me again saying, “Is she mine or yours. Do I have the right to take her or not?” I stopped and thought about that for long while.
Then I started crying very hard, because I realized she was His to take, which would mean she was going to Die!
I then started praying hard knowing that as Abraham was to offer up Issac to God, I had to offer up my daughter to God, very hard thing to do, but I did it, I told Him if He wants to take her, she is His, If He doesn’t want to take her then I am only a steward of her.
A couple of weeks later my daughter and I was in the hospital room and she was having the process done on her like everyday to just keep her alive, and a still small voice spoke to me while the process was happening saying “She is healed” I said “what?” and the voice said again “she is healed, she will start to get better now” I jumped up in excitement yelling she’s healed, she’s going to get better now!
The nurse that was doing the process on my daughter said “No, that’s impossible” I said I was just told she is going to get better by God and that’s what matters, and from that point my daughter started to get better!
She went from dying and needing a process to keep her alive for four weeks to complete recovery in two weeks! That’s the power of God!
This testimony is true and can be shared, and I personally know what those two parables mean!
Praise God for His Wonders!
God Bless! 🙂 

Relationship has always been the foundation of righteousness. The Father/son relationship in Scripture is not some cute analogy – it is the very substance of what it means to be the redeemed of the Lord!

Ordination Credentials:
Established in 2009

My Ordination Credentials are, I am an Ordained Minister through Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, and am also a member of The First International Church Of The Web which  is a Christ-centered, Non-denominational, Web-based church.

My calling is Pastor and Teacher

Also I Pastor a physical church, House of the Nazarene, a Non- Denominational Church Organization, at my home.

Minister Bill D.
Will you help me? We will try to encourage you and hopefully, Lord Willing many more will join and will see what God does. Please pray for this to be successful and let’s keep in contact with what you might learn or even questions you may have along the way. Even hard ones! God Bless.
All Christians have, in profession at least, received Jesus Christ the Lord, consented to him, and taken him for theirs. We cannot be built up in Christ, or grow in him, unless we are first rooted in him, or founded upon him. Being established in the faith, we must abound therein, and improve in it more and more. God justly withdraws this benefit from those who do not receive it with thanksgiving; and gratitude for his mercies is justly required by God.
There is a philosophy which rightly exercises our reasonable faculties; a study of the works of God, which leads us to the knowledge of God, and confirms our faith in him. But there is a philosophy which is vain and deceitful.

Holy Spirit Anointed

Holy Spirit Anointed


Ordained Minister

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