The Complexity of God’s Will

Well Done! The Lord has opened my eyes on a few points you made, like we Christians are going to be rebellious till Jesus comes, though we still try to become one, we need Him to make us one we cannot do it ourselves, and that’s only one example. Thank you!

The Pursuit of God

The Complexity of God's Will

The topic of God’s will is far more complex than it seems at first glance. We can make the statement “God always gets what He wants,” and this statement is absolutely true. But when it comes to defining what God wants, we rely on verbal statements from God which we then view as comprehensive explanations of His will. This is where we completely go astray, for God’s agenda is far too complex to be summarized by simple statements. Whenever we find God declaring His will in the Bible, what He’s really doing is communicating His heart to us. Not realizing this, we tend to interpret these statements as hard facts about what God really wants to happen in the human realm. When those things don’t happen, we find ourselves forced to conclude that God didn’t get His way after all. Suddenly our all-powerful King seems less than all-powerful, and this…

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