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Here are a few Amazing Statistics for :

There has been 728 Posts thus far (Not including Pages) and growing! 813 amazing people are following this Website so far, over 35,000 people from all walks of life and almost every corner of the earth have visited thus far, and have read over 45,000 views in only a little over a year! And have left 777 comments, What a wonderful way this has been to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the earth, God has used me as a conduit and this website as a vehicle to spread His love around the world! And so far it has completely been a labor of love, By the Grace and Mercy of God and to Him deserves ALL the Glory! Amen!

Here are a few comments that I have received from amazing people, I do appreciate them and every so often will update this post! So if you would like your comments to make this page, Please keep them coming!

Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article.
I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more
of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

Comment: God never instituted any religion, and i dnt think that a loving God will destroy the most precious of his creation simply becus he belongs to one religion or the orther, its we humans that formed religion simply becus of our emotion, pride and ego, the way some religion describe God is the pure description of a dictator who does not care about others but just himself

Comment: Thank you very much for this inspirational and encouraging message,which reminds us the characteristic of a soldier for Christ. However,I find this in the Prophet Joel’s book chapter 2:2-11,where Joel is talking about the end time army of God.
These are the kind of messages we need in this hour of great temptations,to keep us afloat and moving on.
Thank you and May God increase His anointing upon your life forever and ever in Jesus name. Philippians 1:9

Comment: i need christian praisr

Comments : good work that you are doing please keep it up amen.can you visit our community with your team?

Comment: Great Bible study it touched me.God bless you and the listener Amen.

Comment: You are clearly a man dedicated to learning about our Creator, and His Revelation. I therefore offer you a field of knowledge that you may not be aware of, or might easily dismiss — just as most learned rabbis dismiss your work.

You ask for contribution to “foward” your work. You probably mean FORWARD. I add this to shock you into considering that you may not be infallible. Among errors are the Paleo-Hebrew you use. Do you really think that curved letters (from ink + pen) came BEFORE the straight Torah letters (for caring in wood)?

Comment: Praise our Lord Jesus,I’ve been so much inspired by your insight and spiritual value on this story of Noah and the Ark,along the way you brought up the issue of Enoch,I’ve never had the opportunity to come across any writtings about Enoch except what I’ve read from the Bible, which brings me to my point there is a lot of myth and heresies about the story of Enoch with my little understanding,I believe the Mystrey of creation is seen when we encounter a coversation btwn GOD and Moses His servant Exodus 33:12-19 and onwards we see GOD showing His servant His Glory by allowing moses to see his back(past) and I have this strong believe Moses was given a clear picture of Enoch and his life on earth so where is the conflict whenever this subject abounds? Enlighten please.

Comment: Very Cool, Bill! You are Research Superman!

Comment: Amen !!!!! I’m glad to see you replaced the vile and corrupt NIV for God’s Bible , the AUTHORIZED BIBLE !!!!

Comment: Thanks for well-researched works

Comment: I like you, always was tempted to skip over genealogies, after all, how is it relevant now, and who on earth can pronounce half the names! Then it became clear to me as I read it with my eyes opened by the Holy Spirit. First, to the Jews, it was intended to prove to them that Jesus fulfilled the prophesies of the Old Testament, that the Messiah would come down thru, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, etc. Then to the “gentiles’ and Jews, that in the most unlikely ways, and through the some of the last people we would have chosen, if it had been our choice, ex., a female, non-Jew, only one mentioned in the genealogy, despite what man may or may not do, God’s sovereignty, and majesty will prevail and His will, will be done. And that He came for ALL mankind.

Comment: Timely, Prophetic, Powerful, Effective and Restraining.
Calvary Greetings!

Comment: Reminding and inspirational to me.
All Glory to GOD!!!!!!!

Comment: But what about women committing adultery? All we hear about is how men do it and what the bible says about that. But a lot of women do it to.

Comment: Amen!!!

Comment: Hallelujah! Glory to God! We as witnesses of Jesus share the word of God no matter! Thank you for sharing with me in Jesus name Amen.

Comment: May GOD continue to enlighten, empower, and bless us, and through HIS Word and SPIRIT, in JESUS’ Name… Amen!!!
Love & Cares!

Comment: I have been a Christian for many decades.
I have a number of questions about this article. Not by the content but for what audience. Believers or non-believers.
As a believer you you befuddled me with too much theology and Christian terminology.
If I have confusion, what about a non-believer understanding your message

Comment: it was an expository and bless teaching keep it up

Comment: I would love to learn all LANGUAGES!!!!

Comment: Sweet this is awesome!

Comment: Looking for information to teach the Sunday school lesson on June 1st 2014 this site was very helpful in giving an image to help me understand how important this lesson is and to convey the message to the class. Thank You!!!

Many Thanks to You my Avid Readers all over the World!

Many Thanks to You my Avid Readers all over the World!

Comment: AWESOME!!!!!!!We keep watching and waiting with the hope its in our lifetime!!PRAISE GOD AND JESUS TO COME

Comment: Very good Bill, a much needed read, while it is not important for a person to believe our stance on Pre-trib rapture…it is important to know Jesus told us we would not experience Gods wrath

Comment: This is a wonderful job, I shall be glad to have it

Comment: I happy there are other positive things I can read and learn about I really enjoy learning about Gods word.

Comment: Please more info /history of bible

Comment: It is good reading. Any book I can get my hands on. Is new knowledge of the Bible

Comment: That’s an excellent compilation – thank you. Jesus is in the Bible from the get-go; even Adam was a type of Christ. He was not deceived (1 Tim. 2:4), therefore he knew what he was doing when he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He knew it would separate him from God, yet he chose to identify and be with his bride and endure that separation.

Comment: Is it possible to get copies of your books of enoch? I am seriously interested in reading them
Thank you so very much and GOD bless you always

Comment: it will help me….good
pray for my good study

Comment: Ahostorical non-denominationalism is a hippies dream. A dream of indifference and promiscuity. Wanting Christ as superstar of a postmodern orgy.

Comment: This is one of my favorite Bible stories. There are emotional/relational issues everywhere and God is in the midst of them.
I like how you laid out God’s participation in His own plan for Joseph’s and his family’s future.

Comment: I need help. I need prayer and protection for me and my family. Keeping us united..and away from harm..

Comment: wish to go on mission

Comment: We wil go by step to step until we see him face to face,for He is holy.hear our praise and bless our land oh lord God almighty!

Comment: Is good to worship tho Lord, by the way, who even knows himself for the first time?

Comment: It amazing what you can read from untold scriptures or prophets of the lord. History and untold secrets need to be taught to humankind.

Comment: The Message of Christmas is more important than the date. We have a message to deliver to the world that Jesus the son of God is the Saviour of the world who saves the world from its sin.

Comment: Cry loud and spare not! The devil is looking to make a sweep of the younger generation right into hell. You have to be so sold out for God that you will be willing to get up and leave any ministry that is participating in false doctrines and all their paraphenalia ! Wake up church!

Church leaders are accountable for what they bring before God’s people. Somebody start shouting loud at the leaders! This is no joke! Parents! Grab your family out of these places that feast on enemy food! Don’t trust the pastors and leaders that are drinking the koolaid from hell to guide you or your family down the right road. Act now or watch your loved ones slip into hell!

Comment: Can I get this copy through the email I want to print it for other christians.i will serve no foreign God I better die

Comment: It is a shocking news to me.wish to now more about the end of the world.

Comment: I am called and I wish I could reach the whole within shortest time with the gospel.


Comment: Good comments! God leaving nothing to chance gave us the Person of Christ Jesus to be the “system” of wisdom (1 Cor. 1:30) that offers the Divine Philosophy we must have to guide our daily lives, developing Godly motivation, purpose and direction in our walk with Him. I checked to follow you. Thanks.


Comment: Excellent Explanation!!! Thank you so Much!! Very informative!! Helped me so much to understand this Better!!

Comment: This is the Truth, I went before the Throne of God not understanding how wrong I was, I have always Loved the Truth, didn’t walk in it, I Believe God Has Blotted my Name from the Lambs book of Life, what followed was very delusional, and Now I have evil voices telling me I am going to Hell, I am truly repenting, my Heart feels so Condemned, I know Jesus is coming soon, I am now suffering from anxiety and Condemnation, it truly is torture, and I truly understand how wrong I was in my thinking, I am praying that Jesus will forgive me, my Heart is in agony knowing how I did pleased God, I had no idea really, I knew I was a sinner, was very I’ll prior to this, I know there is so many Christians out there that does not truly understand The Truth, this really hits home for me, and I pray for all those that are not truly living by the Truth that they will turn from there ways before its to Late , I have been suffer ring for over a year, and so praying that God will give me another chance, and that my seed will not be punished for my actions,,Please pray for me and my seed, That God will forgive me and for the Salvation of my seed, that they would be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, I feel in my Heart I am going to Hell for my walk with the Lord, I am praying and repenting, and seeking the Truth Praying that God will reinstate my name, Thank you for your post and God Bless you….

Comment: Nice one,but I have a question.Will this mark be given after the rapture or before the rapture.Thanks.

Comment: God Bless you too! I really enjoyed this very informative & light-hearted read! It reminds us to have compassion & patience with ourselves as well as others in the LOVE of Christ.

Comment: Thanks for a wonderful and insightful article. Blessings to you and yours.

Comment: thanks alot for this gift you shear with on the face book , may God always bless you in his noble and devined ways in Jesus name.

Comment: Thanks brother, yes true the word of God Holy Spirit have the gifts to give to His children

Please more Questions and read for more Answers!

Please more Questions and read for more Answers!

Comment: Servant of God,i surely agree with you in this teaching.God bless you and fill you with more of His wisdom that His saints may recieve more revelations of His word through you.
Many people stick only to speaking in tongues as the only proof of one having being filled with the Holy spirit.But they forget that the Bible is speaking about ”The Fruits of The Holy Spirit”and not ”The Fruit of the Holy Spirit”Fruits are many, but fruit is ONLY ‘ONE’.Here the bible is very clear.Thankyou and God bless you so much.

Comment: Thanks for the write up. Please put me in your list for onward posting.

Comment: I enjoied the sermon and I want to learn more please.

Comment: Very useful learning remain blessed

Comment: Thank you Man of God, your message has touch my heart and I ill never forget this message in my life.
And as I said it take’s those who ‘re deep in the Spirit to get it.
Bless you Sir.


Well there you have it! The good and the bad, The prayer requests and the blessings, The questions and the sharing for others, The requests for more Knowledge and the willingness to do more! I didn’t hold anything back, Thank you so much for all your feedback I really do appreciate all of them! God Bless you! Bill DeDual


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