Forbes Names Russia’s Vladimir Putin As World’s Most Powerful Person

Forget about the 1%. The men and women who are featured on Forbes’ annual ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People are the 0.00000001% –the global elite whose actions move the planet. These heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs truly run the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged as the world’s most powerful person for the third year running. Putin continues to prove he’s one of the few men in the world powerful enough to do what he wants –and get away with it. International sanctions set in place after he seized Crimea and waged war-by-proxy in the Ukraine have kneecapped the Ruble and driven Russia into deepening recession, but haven’t hurt Putin one bit: In June his approval ratings reached an all-time high of 89%.

In October, he bombed ISIS forces in Syria and then met face-to-face with President Assad, making the U.S and NATO look weak in the region, and helping rebuild Russian influence abroad.


While the world has been distracted with sporting events, reality television, and endless false flag operations by various world governments, Russia has taken ahold of the narrative in the Middle East and is not likely to relinquish that crown anytime soon. Putin has shored up his alliances with China and Iran, which now make these nations the Big Three in that region of the world. And since that’s where most of the oil is, that’s really the only part of the world that counts.

For some reason, the Obama administration does not take Putin seriously and they do not view him as a threat. They are wrong on both counts. Putin is rapidly figuring stuff out, and like a Rubik’s Cube, any day now all the missing pieces will click into place and Russia will be a superpower once again. This, however, is something that under a different president, a better president, a pro-American president, would not be happening.

Little Barry Soetoro from Kenya has done the impossible. He is successively bringing down America on every level, has reduced us on every metric, and shrunk us to near-zero as far as the respect and fear of the rest of the world goes.

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