The Fire of the Father’s Passion is His Love for You

The Almighty opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, ‘What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?’ Balaam said to the donkey, ‘Because you have mocked me, I wish there were a sword in my hand, for now I would have killed you.’ The donkey said to Balaam, ‘Am I not your donkey, on which you have ridden all your life long until today? Was I ever in the habit of doing so to you?’ He said, ‘No.’ Numbers 22:28 

Ask-for-the-FIRE-of-God-whatshotnBalaam was riding his donkey down the road one day when it suddenly sat down under him and would not get back up. Balaam became angry and started to beat it with his staff, then the donkey started speaking to him. That was when their disagreement started and Balaam found himself arguing with an ass. He overlooked the fact that it was an intelligent donkey, very articulate, and that it was trying to save his life.

We have all had people in our lives that have became very annoying for unknown reasons. The Lord sometimes uses the strangest people, or apparently even animals to speak to us. These will get under your skin and reveal the real you that you try and hide, but it comes out with a little coaxing.

Don’t start arguing with an ass today. It is quite possible that God is using this to show you what is really inside of you. It is always something in you that causes you to become upset, not them. They simply found your switch. When you resist the temptation to flare up, it will become easier. Just like sandpaper, the ass is there to help polish you up and knock off those rough edges.

” A fool despises instruction” Solomon

On the surface, he is a man who earnestly desires to do God’s will, and speak only what he speaks.

Just like me.

This should be very telling to us. Underlying motivations are what is seen and heard by the Lord, not our words and actions.

Yet even after confrontation and apparent repentance, the ultimate tragedy of Balaam’s life from the eternal perspective is that the root of sin was never properly dealt with, despite external signs all indicating that it was.

May that NOT be just like me.

The judgement by fire will take care of the bad in us revealing only our good…

Did you know God deeply loves you, and longs to reveal His heart to you in ways you never dared to dream?

“The Fire of the Father’s Passion is His Love for You”
This is a simple presentation that is put together to remind everyone that the Fire of our Heavenly Father’s Passion is His Love for each one of you.
If there is anyone out there who has not yet received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, I ask you to, PLEASE, do it now. While there is still time.
==If anyone is BACKSLIDDEN, PLEASE, I beg you, COME HOME TO JESUS TODAY/TONIGHT, do not put it off.
==Our ABBA Father says, “If you return unto me, I will return unto you.” SALVATION!

Prayer: Father help me deal with the things in my life. Cleanse me from the bad attitudes and help me control my emotions. Make me stable and secure in who I am in You. Help me see the big picture and know that this tiny incident is nothing to be upset about, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

This is what readers have said: “When I read this, tears fill my eyes”, “I feel tonnes of happiness in me”, “I felt like all the chains are loosened”, “I feel great joy in my heart, after reading this”.

Tell me what happens to you after you read and see this, Would you Please?

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