Iran Releases Saeed Abedini And 3 Others, Will Receive $150 Billion Under Obama Nuclear Deal

Iran has released four imprisoned U.S. citizens, including Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, as part of a swap, the office of Tehran’s prosecutor announced Saturday, according to Iranian news media.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that Iran has released the 4 Americans they have been holding, US president Obama will authorize the unfreezing of over $150 billion in assets that will be given to Iran. This infusion of cash guarantees the success of Iran’s nuclear program. We rejoice with the family of Saeed Abedini, but what comes next is not going to be pretty. 

The other released prisoners include Amir Hekmat, a former U.S. Marine, and Saeed Abedini, a pastor, and a fourth unnamed American. All four are dual U.S.-Iranian citizens. Rezaian has been held since 2014.

Dem Leader Pelosi On Iranians Getting $150 Billion From Nuke Deal: “They May” Do Bad Things With It

Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi commented today on the Iranian regime receiving $150 billion from the foolish nuclear deal:

Nancy Pelosi: think it’s very important for the American people to realize though that the money being released is Iranian money held in banks, other banks, not US banks. So it isn’t about us giving them anything. It’s about them having access to their own money…

Chris Cuomo: There are concerns… that you’re giving fuel to the Iranian fire… That they’ll do bad things with the money.

Nancy Pelosi: Well, they may… .”

What a disgrace she has been.

Nancy-Pelosi-Iran-may-do-bad-things-with-money-whatshotnAccording to Iran’s Fars News Agency, the four were ordered released in exchange for six Iranian-Americans held in the United States on sanctions-related charges.

A statement by the prosecutor said that “based on an approval of the Supreme National Security Council and the general interests of the Islamic Republic, four Iranian prisoners with dual-nationality were freed today within the framework of a prisoner swap deal,”

In return, the United States was scheduled to release at least six people charged with violating sanctions against Iran, the Iranians said.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry flew from London to Vienna in the early afternoon local time. He went immediately into a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the Coburg Palace Hotel, the scene of months-long final negotiations last summer that led to the deal between Iran and the world powers.

Now let’s see: They let 4 people go…We let 6 people and $150 Billion go…That seems fair…Does it to you comminers? Oh and not to mention the United States will no longer pursue the extradition of 14 Iranians alleged to have been involved in trafficking arms to Iran.

WELL! Iran has a blank ticket to to fill as they wish!

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