Is the Bible Racial, Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jesus loves the little children, All the children of the world,

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White,

They are precious in His sight.

Jesus loves the little children, Of the world.

Jesus died for all the children, All the children of the world,

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White,

They are precious in His sight.

Jesus died for all the children, Of the world.

Jesus rose for all the children, All the children of the world,

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White,

They are precious in His sight.

Jesus rose for all the children, Of the world.

Such a song couldn’t be truer!

The Bible is perhaps the greatest science and history book that has ever been written! According to Act 17:26 – God made “From one man all nations”.

Contrary to what we think, say and believe today the Bible thoroughly supports and suggests something that is very obvious in all forms of natural life on earth including man, that is the idea the each species on the planet has the ability to produce its own kind in many “colors”. My favorite example of this is with dogs. A dog can have one mother and one father of the same or different colors and still produce offspring of of the same or widely different colors. The Bible suggests the same was true with humans, the most notable story in the Bible being that of Noah and his son Ham. The man Paul is referring to in Acts 17:26 is Adam the father of the human species. It seems the Bible purports the idea that Adam and Eve produce offspring of all the skin “colors” found on earth today but the notion of separate peoples based on the color of skin is something that is noticeably absent from the Bible.

The Bible also gives strong insight into God’s personal attitude about race based on skin color in the story of Moses, Aaron and Miriam. Notice in this incident the sin of discrimination God does not open address in His in his disciplining of Aaron and Miriam, He rather take serious case against them in their upstaging and challenging of His select and designated leader/servant Moses, God is obviously infuriated with the two for this reason. The transgression of racial discrimination is not even dignified with Him even acknowledging it, but does He let it go! Absolutely not! Look at Miriam’s punishment, He turns her into a leper the most discriminated against human individual in all the Bible. Do you think God sanctions racial segregation and racism no matter upon what it is based? I have made these points because such a question as posed is offensive to God and all of mankind. It robs God of His ingenious creative prowess and diversity and causes hurt and descension among His most prized creation, Man.

Man is all one and all related irregardless of color of skin, inside we are exactly the same. The Bible does not mention “black men” as black because race based on skin color was not relevant to the times in which the Bible was written. It the very few case(s) where color of ones skin is the basis of discrimination against a human being it is fiercely put down! The Bible does not mention “white people”, “red people” or the like anywhere with in it’s 66 books.

One is probably thinking in a true Biblical mindset when the say “Black Man” in regards to the Bible. Such a notion is not supported and that is most likely the reason one might miss the myriad of people of color the Bible Does mention within it’s pages such as Simon of Cyrene who carried Jesus’ cross and whose family Paul speaks very highly of thanking them for the care and kindness they showed to him when he stayed with them. We are all related and color of skin does not change that fact. It testifies to the creative genius and diversity of God Himself.

When God destroyed the Earth with the flood and only saved Noah and his three sons and their respective wives, (4 women), who is your ancestors? I don’t know about you, but I can Biblically trace my roots to these 8 people. No matter what race you claim, what color you are, what superior attitude you have, if you are a human being you belong to one of Noah’s children. That makes you part of a huge Brother and Sisterhood, What a family reunion that could and should be!

In Rev 1:14, it tells me that my Father has a head full of white wool!

In the book of beginnings, Genesis, God said He was making man in HIS image. Since we are all so very different, it must take every single one of His creation to make up the face of God. Wouldn’t you think?

Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenThe Bible does not specifically identify any person as being black-skinned. The Bible also does not specifically identify any person as being white-skinned. The vast majority of the Bible took place in the Middle East, in and around Israel. Neither “black” nor “white” people are common in these regions. The vast majority of the people in the Bible were “Semitic,” light to dark brown or olive in complexion. Ultimately, it does not matter what skin color the people in the Bible had. Skin color is meaningless in the message of the Bible. We all need to take our eyes off of the skin and focus on the soul.
Some scholars guess that Moses’ wife Zipporah might have been black since she was a Cushite (Numbers 12:1). Cush is an ancient name for an area of Africa. The Shulammite may have been black (Song of Solomon 1:5), although the context indicates that her skin was dark due to being out in the sun. Some propose that Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:3) was black. Some believe that the Queen of Sheba who visited Solomon (1 Kings 10:1) was black. The Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:37 was likely black. Ethiopians are mentioned about 40 times in the Bible, and the Prophet Jeremiah asked, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin …” (Jeremiah 13:23). “Simeon called Niger” in Acts 13:1 may have been black. The Bible, though, does not specifically say that any of these people were black.

Most Bible teachers believe that black people are descendants of Noah’s son Ham (Genesis 10:6-20), but we cannot be sure since the Bible does not specifically say. Why aren’t there more black people in the Bible? The vast majority of events in the Bible took place in the land of Israel. Although black people were common in many regions nearby Israel, Israel has never been an area where many black people have settled.

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