What is the significance of 153 large fish in John 21:1-11

John 21:1-11King James Version (KJV)

21:1 After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias; and on this wise shewed he himself.

There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples.

Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.

But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.

Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? They answered him, No.

And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.

Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher’s coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.

And the other disciples came in a little ship; (for they were not far from land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes.

As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread.

10 Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.

11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.

All creation is founded on a mathematical formula! EVERYTHING in Scripture has meaning. It was authored and written by the One who created the Universe! There is even a book named “Numbers!” All numbers have a spiritual meaning. “3” is Resurrection! These numbers point at and confirm “truth.” They are one of the primary means by which we can KNOW that Scripture IS divinely inspired. This is known as the Hebrew Gematria (Geh-Ma-Tree-Ah). Hebrews and the Greeks had no separate numbering systems. Their alphabets are their numbering systems. This means that every word in Scripture has a numeric value, as do phrases. It is commonly known the NUMBER of the “beast” is “666” (Rev 13:17-18; 15:2); but, did you know that the name “Jesus” in Greek has a value of “888.” “6” the number of “Fallen Man” and “Beast” as both man and beast were created on the 6th day.

Man fell at the hands of the “Serpent” (a beast). “8” is the number of “New Beginnings” and “Dedication to God.” On the 8th day a child is circumcised and dedicated to God. (Gen 17:10-27; 21:4). A perfect new beginning, “888” marks our savior! If you doubt this, take a look at the Book of Revelation. It is filled and overflowing with the number “7.” This occurs not only in the surface text with the use of the number “7;” but, also with words and phrases which are used exactly seven times in this text. Then we have things like John being the 7th prophet of God to speak of the sun being darkened, the moon not giving its light and the stars falling from heaven. (Rev 6:12-13) Then we have things which are spoken of say… 2, 3, 4 or 5 times in all of Scripture (O/T and N/T) and John then speaks of it the exact number of times necessary to make it 7 times for all of Scripture. “7” is the number of “Divine Completion of Time.”

153 Large FishSeven days “completed” the “time” of creation. And, the number seven is what marks Revelation like no other book. It is “the book” of “The Divine Completion of Time” as it concludes with the 7th 1,000 year period of time from creation which we know as the “Millennial Reign.” (Rev 20:4, 6) This “Reign of Messiah” (Christ) spoken of by the Holy Spirit through John was no surprise to Jews. The Sages had long taught there would be 6,000 years from Adam to Messiah’s reign on Earth which was to be a “Sabbath” of rest. “Sabbath” literally means a “Seventh.” And remember, one day is as 1,000 years to the Lord.” (2 Pet 3:8) The “Millennial Reign” and “the “Day” of the Lord” are one and the same! Revelation is so pervasive in the number “7” and things that number “7” both within the book and in Scripture as a whole… that for a human to have done this is impossible!

The last count I saw of the number of “7’s” attached to the 22 chapters of Revelation was over 850! As I went over the list, I knew of over a dozen additional “7’s” that were not on the list. With this foundation laid, this brings us to the question: What does the number “153” mean in Scripture? Theologians have long believed the “153” fish caught by Simon Peter were somehow symbolic of all saved believers throughout all of time. After all, the symbol of the Church for the first 300 years was a “fish,” not a cross! These theologians were not wrong… and if you spoke Greek AND knew their numbering system… you could find it pretty quick. The Greek phrase, “The Sons of God” adds up to exactly… “153.” This number (153) represents the totality of all the saved for all of time. This being said, the number “17” is the number of “The Sons of God.” And as a number, “17” appears exactly 9 times in Scripture. “9” is the number of “Judgement by the Holy Spirit.” AND… 17 (The Sons of God) x9 (Judgment of the Holy Spirit) = 153 (All the Sons of God)! As a “sequence of order” a “17th” appears exactly 6 times in Scripture. “6” points at “Fallen Man.” Thus “153” as “The Sons of God” are redeemed men and not angels.

And the gates of hell shall not prevail!


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