Pray Psalm 91 over yourself daily.

Pray Psalm 91 over yourself daily.
Nothing will be any means hurt you!
We gotta put faith into action and bind this plan to harm us. I pray Holy Spirit I breathe you in. Nothing has any effect on me or my system.
Nothing by air, water, food or drink, not by medicine, not by any hidden substance. Nothing causes a reaction, sickness, or injury to my body in any way, in the mighty name of Jesus!! Amen!!! I also pray over the house or wherever I am (location) that no harm will come over the foundation, electricity, heat and air conditioning, water lines.
psalm91_1-4-whatshotnThat no disaster, terrorism, judgment, radiation, etc can come into over or seep thru into where I am. By the protection of God and the blood of the lamb over the doorpost of my very being and my dwelling places.
We gotta be proactive in covering ourselves before sleep, and when we wake. The enemy is busy but we have the victory. We are in Christ Jesus! I pray for a neutralization of every poisonous deed meant to harm the innocent and that God would cause them to fall into their own pit they dug and that he would cause confusion in the camp of the enemy.
Their own fiery darts would return upon them instead in Jesus name! No weapon formed against us shall ever prosper!!

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