‘Flush Target’ Anti-Target Campaign Releases Devastating Web Ad Against Target’s Bathroom Policy

Organizers of the Minnesota-based ‘Flush Target’ campaign — an outfit opposed to Target’s new policy that allows transgender men and boys to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms in its stores — have released a new online ad, blasting the clothier’s policy

Stop TARGETing Women and Children“Any man at anytime could enter a women’s bathroom simply by claiming to be a woman that day,” a woman is heard saying in the ad entitled, “Stop TARGETing Women and Children.”

“No one is exempt,” the ad continues. “Even registered sex offenders could follow women or young girls into the bathroom. And no one can stop them.”

Stop TARGETing Women and Children:

Breitbart News reported Tuesday that the organization plans to send a “Flush Target” truck to all 75 of Minnesota’s Target stores. The side of the truck is plastered with a picture that shows a young girl standing in front of a bathroom stall, while a grown man stands in front of her.

“Target’s new bathroom policy allowing men to use women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms violates the privacy and safety of women and children,” reads the Flush Target campaign’s description of the new ad.

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