Congressman Says Matt Damon Movie Proves Anti-Gay Discrimination Is Justified

I was reading an article and I noticed how thought provoking it was, putting a different spin on procreation and the human species as a whole. If the world started as a big bang as some have suggested, and the first two people were Adam and Steve, or Eve and Eva. Would their great grandsons or great granddaughters be here now saying equal rights for LGBT people?

There have been a lot of justifications for continued discrimination against LGBT people.

Preserving marriage. Religious freedom. Preservation of traditional families.

But in a speech on the House floor this week, Congressman Louis Gohmert took things to the next level. Gohmert argued that we need to discriminate against LGBT people now or the future of humanity is in danger.

How? It’s really quite simple. At some point, a giant asteroid may start barreling toward earth, putting the future of humanity in doubt. We will then need to prepare a special spaceship and send a group of people to colonize Mars.

Matt Damon flick, The MartianIn case you think this is far-fetched, Gohmert notes this is not a dissimilar scenario from a recent Matt Damon flick, The Martian.

Gohmert postulates that we would only be able to send about 40 people. It’s unclear how he arrives at that number but it seems reasonable. If we can’t discriminate against LGBT people, Gohmert reminds us, all of the people on the special spaceship might end up being same-sex couples.

What will happen to humanity when everyone on Mars is gay? Gohmert is sketchy on the details. But here’s the video, via Right Wing Watch:

The more you know.

Common sense Please!

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