United States President Barrack “Hussein” Obama: Americans Would Be Better Under Martial Law

In a statement appearing in the Washington Post, United States President Barrack “Hussein” Obama said “Americans would be better living under martial law.” The Washington Post, a long-time democratic mouth piece and Obama supporter, downplayed the statement by suggesting it was made in jest and that President Obama had been “joking around” with the reporter at the time the statement was made.

Despite these so-called assurances, patriotic Americans and government watch-dog groups expressed outrage at the president’s comments; American freedom and civil liberties are not to be trifled with. Michael Danforth, a spokesperson for the American Liberties Union, an organization dedicated to exposing governmental overreach, called Obama’s remarks callous but not uncharacteristic. “Obama has proven himself an enemy of the American people,” Danforth said in a prepared statement. “Now that his time is short, he can say anything without fear. He’s hoping Hillary will reach the White House to continue his disastrous legacy. Hopefully, after eight years, Americans have smartened up.”

Obama’s disdain for America extends not only to its civilians but also to its military. Obama has fired over thirty high-ranking military officials who questioned his judgment. Now, it seems, with less than six months left in office, a disgruntled President is saying what honest, hard-working, law-abiding Americans have known all along: Obama, the apologist, hates America.

GUN CONFISCATIONA Washington insider, speaking under conditions of anonymity, reveals that Obama made additional inflammatory comments not reported by the Washington Post. The comments were so volatile that no mainstream media outlet dared print them. “The American people have had 200 years to prove they can care for themselves,” Obama was quoted as saying. “Americans have had their chance to aspire to be better, to rise to the occasion, but time and again they fail. They cannot manage time, money, or even, it seems their offspring. Would tighter restrictions really be such an imposition?”

Obama has a long history of disrespecting traditional American values. He has waged war against Christianity; he has illegally armed and supported radical Islamic terrorists; he has waged a constant battle against the 2nd Amendment. This is but a short list of treasonous acts committed by the man sitting in the Oval Office.

Now, having publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, Obama is counting on her to further his tyrannical campaign agenda.

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