ISIS Bad at a Nice City

ISIS Linked To Bastille Day Attack In France; At Least 70 Killed And 100 Injured

My deepest sympathies and prayers are with the people of France this morning, as they face the aftermath of yet another deadly terrorist attack, so soon after the Paris attacks. In the southern city of Nice, a Tunisian-born resident drove a truck through a heavy crowd of Bastille Day revelers, killing 84 (at last report) and injuring dozens more.

Shedding TearsIronically, I noticed Fox News reported that Congressional Democrats took a break from calling for more gun control laws to send condolences to the French. There will no doubt be cries of “how many more times will this happen” before we ban…what? Trucks? Pressure cookers? Suicide vests? Rocks? ISIS, who took credit for inspiring the killer in Nice, has called for using all those weapons and more. They’ve told their followers that if they can’t get a gun, use anything that comes to hand to attack anyone who doesn’t submit to their twisted ideology. Indeed, how many more times will scores of innocent people have to die because our leaders refuse to acknowledge what really motivates these murderers: radical Islam. Until they can be honest enough to name the enemy that’s killing us, the killing will continue, and the left will keep blaming the killers’ actions on their tools, never admitting that to ISIS, everything on Earth is just another tool to commit murder.

At least 70 people have been killed and up to 100 more injured in a terrorist attack in the southern French city of Nice.

Officials said a truck was deliberately driven into a crowd celebrating of Bastille Day, the date in 1789 when the Bastille prison in Paris was stormed. The attack killed vast numbers of people gathered to celebrate one of France’s largest public holidays. Initial reports said there was also gunfire at the scene.

Initial reports said a Twitter account that supports ISIS claimed the attacks were retribution for the death of a high profile Chechen ISIS leader.

French police officials urged local citizens to “stay indoors.”

“It is absolute chaos,” one witness said. “There are reports of dozens of people killed, and many more injured. Bodies are lying everywhere. Police are flooding the streets, including anti-terrorism officers. Nobody knows what to do, except to hide away. Gunmen are meant to be targeting hotels.”

A witness named Anthony was quoted as giving the following account: “The fireworks ended, and we went back. At that time we saw the white truck. A 6 ton truck. It was speeding at 60 km/h, 70km/h. I saw behind the wheel, the driver was deciding which way it was heading. The truck rolled on to the pavement. It happened two meters from us. I saw people lying on the ground, I saw a small child hit the earth.

The truck reportedly drove into and over anyone who got in its way, veering on and off the pavement during what was described as a two to three-mile rampage. Several media accounts said the truck was shown on French TV riddled with bullets, suggesting the driver was killed by police who sought to stop the vehicle.

France is still under a State of Emergency following last year’s attacks on Paris.

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