Will Obama Call For A Ban On Trucks After Latest Islamic Terror Attack In France?

An article headlined “The Ultimate Mowing Machine” called for deploying a pickup truck as a “mowing machine, not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of Allah.”

Omar MateenThere are the facts as we now know them. Muslim Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel got behind the wheel of a 25 ton white delivery truck and fatally ran down nearly 100 people at a Bastille Day celebration in France yesterday. So obviously, according to Obama’s previous statements on mass killings, the problem has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism, but rather it is the easy access Mohamed had to that truck which caused all the problems.

So we, the American people, stand united in calling on president Barack Obama to do the right thing, and ban all trucks in the United States.

See how silly that sounds? Now, obviously, we are using (heavy) sarcasm to prove our point that banning guns will not stop mass killings any more than banning trucks will. And in all seriousness, ISIS and al Qaeda officially use trucks as a means to carry out mass killings.

Al Qaeda’s Yemeni branch encouraged its recruits in the West in its 2010 webzine, Inspire, to use trucks as a weapon. An article headlined “The Ultimate Mowing Machine”called for deploying a pickup truck as a “mowing machine, not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of Allah.” In September 2014, an ISIS spokesman similarly encouraged such attacks, saying of ISIS’ enemies, “run him over with your car.”

A month later, on October 20, 2014 Canadian Martin Rouleau Couture, who had traveled to Turkey in what appears to have been an unsuccessful attempt to join ISIS in neighboring Syria, ran over two soldiers in Quebec, killing one and injuring another.

Also in 2014, there were two such car attacks in France in the cities of Nantes and Dijon, though the motives of the attackers, one of whom shouted “Allah Akbar!” after one of the attacks, are murky. In both cases the assailants had long histories of mental illness, according to the BBC.

The tactic has also been used in the United States. In 2006, Mohammed Taheri-azar, an American-Iranian, drove an SUV into an area crowded with students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He later said that that the United States government had been “killing his people across the sea” and he was taking revenge and he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.” Luckily the attack killed no one but it did injure nine.

A year later, a pair of British terrorists opposed to the Iraq war rammed their Jeep into the arrivals area of Glasgow Airport, but killed no one.

Omar Mateen1

Ban guns, all guns, ban knifes, ban hammers, and ban all motor vehicles and you won’t have any less mass killings then you do right now. Because it is not the weapons and the vehicles that are doing the killing. It is people, angry Muslim Islamist jihadis, who are doing the killing.

Case closed.

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