Texas Rebels, Gives Obama Admin Until Sept 30

Following the bombing attacks over the weekend in New York City and New Jersey by a naturalized citizen originally from Afghanistan who became a radical Islamic jihadist, concerns over the federal government’s refugee resettlement program and Muslim asylum seekers have been renewed.

To this point, the state of Texas just served notice to the Obama administration that unless certain changes to the program are made swiftly, it would no longer take part in the resettlement of any refugees in the state through the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.

According to a news release from the office of Gov. Greg Abbott, the ORR program was given until Sept. 30 to approve the plan put forward by Texas regarding the resettlement of refugees in the state, which specifically required national security officials to ensure that none of the refugees scheduled for resettlement in the state posed a threat to their state or its citizens.

A statement from Abbott read, “The federal government’s refugee settlement program is riddled with serious problems that pose a threat to our nation. The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Director of National Intelligence have repeatedly declared their inability to fully screen refugees from terrorist-based nations.”

Texas vs Obama“Even with the inability to properly vet refugees from Syria and countries known to be supporters or propagators of terrorism, President Obama is now ineptly proposing a dramatic increase in the number of refugees to be resettled in the U.S.,” Abbott’s statement continued.

“Empathy must be balanced with security. Texas has done more than its fair share in aiding refugees, accepting more refugees than any other state between October 2015 and March 2016,” he stated. “While many refugees pose no danger, some pose grave danger, like the Iraqi refugee with ties to ISIS who was arrested earlier this year after he plotted to set off bombs at two malls in Houston.”

“Despite multiple requests by the State of Texas, the federal government lacks the capability or the will to distinguish the dangerous from the harmless, and Texas will not be an accomplice to such dereliction of duty to the American people,” he said.

“Therefore, Texas will withdraw from the refugee resettlement program. I strongly urge the federal government to completely overhaul a broken and flawed refugee program that increasingly risks American lives,” he added.

Everyone knows that there is a dangerous risk inherent in bringing lightly vetted refugees into the country, particularly when ruthless terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State group have repeatedly expressed their intentions to infiltrate the refugee population with their own militant jihadists.

Nevertheless, President Barack Obama and his would-be successor, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, have made it equally as clear that they had no concerns about the potential risk for terrorists to infiltrate the refugee program in order to carry out attacks inside the homeland, and plan to bring in tens of thousands more refugees from terrorist hot spots around the globe.

President Barack Obama’s administration just announced that the United States will take in 110,000 more refugees within the coming year, but a Texas Republican slammed the president’s decision.

In an interview with Fox News, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said he believed refugees should stay in Syria.

Miller blasted Obama, who made the decision to raise the amount of refugees coming to the U.S. by 30 percent.

“I agree with Donald Trump,” Miller said. “We need extreme vetting and we don’t even have good vetting yet. So we do not need to bring in these refugees.

“They need to stay in refugee camps,” he explained. “That’s what we normally do in times of war. And by the way, we’re still in war. The war on terror. We haven’t won and they haven’t surrendered. So we are still at war.

“We should have compassion, we shouldn’t be separating mothers from their children, or husbands from their wives, or brother and sister,” Miller stated, agreeing that acknowledgement of humanity and compassion should also be prioritized.

Texas will have no part in that though, and has put its foot down with the administration, letting it know in no uncertain terms that refugees will be thoroughly vetted and proven to be a non-risk, or they won’t be accepted into the Lone Star State.

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