Now the real truth,Ignoring the ‘nation’ of California, Trump won popular vote Electoral College votes Trump into office, as numbers show that Clinton’s “popular vote” win is misleading.

President-elect Donald Trump “remains firmly committed” to moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, his transition team said.
And he remains the only soon to be president to do so in many generations of presidents.
So my question to you is, Is it any small wonder that Trump has been elected now, when there have been so many before Trump that have not concerned themselves with this important move?

Uriel Centeno Perez LCP

Donald Trump shares a laugh on the campaign trail
Donald Trump shares a laugh on the campaign trail

With the Electoral College having officially voted on Monday for Donald Trump for President of the United States, the explanation behind Hilary Clinton’s popular-vote “victory” is now clear.

Indeed, Clinton did win more votes across the United States by the large margin of 2.8 million. Trump garnered close to 63 million votes, while Clinton won nearly 65.8 million. However, here’s the rub: The numbers show that this entire lead, and then some, came from only one state: California.

In fact, most remarkably, the city of Los Angeles alone gave Clinton 1.69 million votes more than it gave Trump.

The Golden State, long noted for its more progressive and liberal tendencies than the rest of the Union, voted overwhelmingly for Hilary Clinton. She received 61.73% of the vote there, compared to just a smidgeon over half that for Trump – 31.62%. In…

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