By the Numbers

Only to the students of the Word, those to whom God’s Spirit has given spiritual insight, will the code be plain. God is ‘The Great Geometrician’ and does everything after a plan by number, weight, and measure. If God is the Author of the Scriptures and the Creator of the Universe (and He is) then the Words of God and the Works of God should and will harmonize.

Imagine what the Scriptures would be like without the direct inspiration of a single Author!

The various writers of the different books, men who lived in different ages, and most of whom never saw the others, would have crossed up each other had they not all been guided by a master mind, ONE, Who never makes a mistake, and Whose knowledge and wisdom comprehend the events of all time. The precision with which the Bible numbers all fall into their places cannot be accounted for except by the supernatural power and wisdom of a God Who is infinite!

1 UNITY John 17:20-22; Act 4:32;
2 DIVISION or SEPARATION Gen 10:25; Luke 15:11; IKin 3:16-27
3 RESURRECTION John 2:19; John 11:43; Mat12:40
4 THE FIRST CREATION & FLESH ICor15:49; Rom1:23; Rev5:13
5 GRACE Rom11:5-6; Gen6:8; Isa9:6
6 SATAN-HIS INFLUENCE Dan5:4; Luk17:28; Jam2:19
7 COMPLETENESS, PERFECTION, TO END Lev23:15; Rev16:17; Gen6:9
8 NEW BIRTH Gal4:28; Ipet3:20; Eze36:26
9 FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Gal5:22-3; Icor12:8-11; Mat5:3-11
10 LAW Ex20:3-17; Ex12:3; Ruth4:1-11
11 JUDGMENT Ex6:6; Ex14:28; Jer52:1; Eze26:1
12 DIVINE POWER, RULE or AUTHORITY 12: Apostles,Signs,months,hours
13 SIN, REBELLION, DEPRAVITY Mk7:21-23; Gen14:4; Est3:12-13
14 SALVATION OR DELIVERANCE Lev23:5; Act27:33; Mk14:1-2
15 REST Est9:18; Lev23:5-7; Gal1:13-14
16 LOVE Icor13:4-8; Rom5:5;J oh10:17
17 VICTORY (RESURRECTION) Rom8:35-39; Col2:15; 17th Day
18 BONDAGE OR BINDING Luk13:4; Jud3:14; Rev20:2
19 FAITH Heb 11; Gal 3:25-26(19 Gk words)
20 REDEMPTION Ex26:20; Ruth=Boaz 20 times
21 EXCEEDING SINFULNESS OF SIN IITim3:1-5; Rom7:13, ext sin=21ltrs
22 LIGHT/MAKING MANIFEST Ex25:31-34; IJoh3:21+Eph5:13
23 DEATH Rom1:28-32; Rev11:7,13/23words
24 PRIESTHOOD IChrn24:1-9; Rev4:4
25 FORGIVENESS OF SINS Jer52:31; Mk2:7,who can..-25ltrs
26 GOSPEL ICor15:1-4=died(23),rose(3)=26
27 PROCLAMATION OF GOSPEL or PROPHECY Act20:28 & Gal2:1,2=27 words
28 ETERNAL LIFE…28 letters
29 DEPARTURE Joh11:43; Joh44-29 words, go is 29th
30 BLOOD Mat27:3-4; Rev5:9…30 words
31 OFFSPRING or SEED Gen1:9, 20:17, 8:14=31st name
32 COVENANT Gen9:8-9…32nd Noah
33 PROMISE Gal4:23b…33 letters-8 words
34 ENDURANCE Isaac’s sacrifice is cited.
35 HOPE ICor13:13-faith19=love16=35
36 ENEMY Rev36beasts;ISam17:50-36thDavid
37 EXALTATION Jer52:31-2,37,25-forgive,12 Divine power
38 RIGHTEOUSNESS Rom3;22-4;5grace+14salv+19faith
39 TRUTH Joh1:17 grace and…..39 letters
40 TRIBULATION or TRIAL 40:day tempt:yrs in desert.
41 DECEPTION IICor11:13-15 has 41 Greek words
42 SECOND COMING of JESUS 42m ministry;42m beasts end.
44 PERDITION Rev19:20-44words
45 INHERITANCE Mat5:5-45ltrs;Josh14:10-14
46 SECOND DEATH Twice 23, the first death
48 TABERNACLE or DWELLING PLACE Ex26:15-25-boards of Tab;Jos21:41-48 cities
49 THE WRATH OF GOD Rev15:6,7-49words
50 SPIRIT, HOLY GHOST, ISRAEL’S JUBILEE Act2-Pentacost=50;Lev25:8-10
54 THE SECURITY OF THE BELIEVER Ex27:18-54pillars;Joh10:27-29
60 PRIDE Dan3:1-60cubit image:(Dan5:20)
66 IMAGE or IDOL WORSHIP Dan3:1-60c+6c=66cubits
70×7 ISRAEL’S COMPLETE, FINAL RESTORATION ( Dan9:24=complete restoration;proves “gap”
77 VENGEANCE Gen4:23-4;Jud8:1-16
91 CASTING OUT Gal4:30-91ltrs;1 + to 13=91
99 SEAL Gen17:24;Rom4:11-paul sealed
100 THE ELECT Gen21:5;Rom9:11
105 CALLING ON THE NAME OF THE LORD Gen4:26;Rom10:13;1+ to 14(salv)=105
600 WARFARE (above)
666 NUMBER OF THE BEAST Rev13:18; small study
By the Numbers

By the Numbers

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