‘Beauty and the Beast’: Watch Emma Watson

Beauty and the Beast‘ World Press Tour and L.A. Premiere. Watch Emma Watson Perform Film’s Opening Number.

Remember that Golden Globes TV spot with Emma Watson singing “Belle”? Well, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Disney on Monday released a longer version of the opening number from the live- action Beauty and the Beast, featuring even more crooning from Watson’s book-loving heroine as she endures the scorn of her fellow villagers. (Watch below.)

‘Beauty and the Beast’: Watch Emma Watson Perform Film’s Opening Number: 

The scene snippet, which clocks in at just under a minute (the full song runs 5 minutes, 33 seconds on the soundtrack album), hews closely to the seminal 1991 animated feature, which has been adapted by director Bill Condon.

Disney released the clip to mark the launch of the cast’s world promotional tour, which kicked off in Paris, birthplace of the fairy-tale source material, La Belle et La Bête.

The ensemble, which includes Watson, Dan Stevens (The Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston), and Josh Gad (Le Fou), along with Condon and composer Alan Menken, will hop the globe ahead of the film’s March 17 opening.

Beauty and the Beast Watch Emma Watson Perform Film's Opening Number

The stars of the highly anticipated live-action retelling of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast have had a busy month spreading the word about their “tale as old as time.” Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and pals have traveled from Shanghai to Hollywood, and you can see the highlights from their fairy-tale press tour here. Be our guest — and click through!

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