The Beginnings Of The Nations

The Beginnings Of The Nations
The Beginning Of Creation…
Creation Of Man…
From Adam To Noah…
The Flood…
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The Beginning Of Creation

The Bible is a book of beginnings. The reader of the Scriptures is introduced in the very first verse of the Bible to the sweeping statement “In the beginning God.” The eternal God who knew no beginning is the source of all the beginnings which follow. In the original creation, the material universe was brought into being with all its complexity and natural law seen today in the organic and inorganic world. In this universe of mass and motion were introduced the first moral creatures, the holy angels. Each angel was the object of immediate creation. They were moral agents with moral will and intelligence capable of serving God. Some of these left their first estate in rebellion and headed by Satan became fallen angels (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:12-15).

Creation Of Man

The holy angels and the fallen angels, those who left their first estate, were not…

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