Studies in The Book of Isaiah

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Isaiah ScrollIn the book of Isaiah, we see two portraits of the Messiah, one portrait is He is king of the earth, ruling on the throne of King David, as the Mighty God (Isaiah 9:6-7). In Isaiah 11, He strikes the earth with the “Rod of his mouth” and slays the wicked with the breath of his lips (Isaiah 11:4). The other picture in Isaiah is a suffering servant, who is rejected and killed for the sins of the world (Isaiah 53). Both pictures can be seen throughout the book of Isaiah; however the picture of King Messiah plays a prominent role in the first 39 chapters. While the picture of the suffering servant plays a more prominent role in Isaiah 40 to 66.
BeholdIsaiah is a prophetic book which covers the whole span of God’s prophetic plan of redemption, from the fall of Satan (Isaiah 14) to the creation of the new heavens and new earth (Isaiah 65:17). The powerful revelations and prophesies have made Isaiah a target for Bible critics. This section of Isaiah, starting in chapters 40 to 55 and Isaiah chapter 56 to 66 is one the main targets.

Introduction to Isaiah

The Message of Isaiah

How the sovereign LORD inspired the young prophet for service

Israel’s Ungrateful Rebellion

A Call for Faith and the Sign of Immanuel

Take the Coal, Cleanse my Lips, Here I Am

The Announcement of Judgment

The Glorious Messiah and the Messianic Age

The Glorious Reign of the Messiah

The Burdens Upon The Nations Isaiah

The Defeat of the Forces of Evil and the Deliverance of the People of God

The Deliverance of Judah’s King

A Message of Comfort to God’s People

The LORD is the Gracious Redeemer

Redemption by God’s Grace

Dead Idols or the Living God

The Knowledge of the LORD

The LORD’s Superiority to the Gods of Babylon

Exhortations to Heed God’s Call

The LORD Can and Will Help Those Who Trust Him

The Announcement of Comfort to the Redeemed

The Suffering Servant

“The Triumph of the Suffering Servant” An Exposition of Isaiah

Future Blessings for the People of God

God’s Exhortation to Receive His Grace

God’s Condemnation or God’s Comfort

The Spirit-filled Servant and the Kingdom of God

Israel’s Plea for Deliverance

The LORD’s Answer: Mercy for Israel

Introduction to Hebrew Poetry

Introduction to Old Testament Prophecy

A Brief Historical Survey of the Powers of Mesopotamia

Kings and Events of the Babylonian, Persian, and Greek Dynasties

Kings of the Divided Kingdom

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