The Revelation of Jesus Christ


RevelationThis is a very comprehensive study in Revelation, And Now is Done!

In the study of any book of the Bible or any topic of Scripture, a certain amount of ground work is needed for understanding, orientation, and motivation. This is particularly so with the Book of Revelation or prophecy in general. Revelation is a book that has been called everything from a hodgepodge of nonsense to a masterpiece. Because it contains a large amount of symbolism and because of the faulty approaches or methods of interpretation applied to its study, many have a difficult time grasping its meaning. It has become a book which is the object of the widest possible divergence of interpretation.

Regardless, God promises blessing to the student of this book (Rev. 1:3). In fact, Revelation is a book in which all the great themes, seed plots, lines of doctrine and Bible prophecy find their fulfillment. It is in this book that the victory of God as the God of history is seen in the culmination of the ages and the establishment of the eternal state.

Revelation Studies

Introduction and Preface

Foundations for the Study of Prophecy (Revelation)


The Prologue (Rev 1:1-8)

The Things Past (Rev 1:9-20)

The Things Which Thou Hast Seen

The Letters To Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, And Thyatira

The Letters To Sardis, Philadelphia, And Laodicea

The Church In Heaven

Revelation Studies 3

The Lamb And The Seven-Sealed Book

The Beginning Of The Great Day Of God’s Wrath

The Saints of the Great Tribulation

The Seventh Seal And The Beginning Of The Trumpets

The Fifth And Sixth Trumpets: The First And Second Woes

The Mighty Angel With The Little Book

The Two Witnesses And The Seventh Trumpet

The Conflict In Heaven And Earth

The Beasts and the False Prophet

The Victory of the Lamb and His Followers

The Vision Of The Seven Last Plagues

The Vials Of The Wrath Of God

Revelation Studies 2

Babylon as Seen in Scripture

The Destruction Of Ecclesiastical Babylon

The Fall Of Babylon

The Second Coming Of Christ

The Reign Of Christ

The New Heaven And The New Earth

The Seventh Seal of Revelation – The Meaning of The Silence In Heaven

Concluding Revelations And Exhortations

Revelation Studies

Revelation Studies

The Nations in Prophecy

Revelation – Appendix 1

Revelation – Appendix 2

Revelation – Appendix 3

Revelation – Appendix 4

Revelation – Appendix 5

Revelation – Appendix 6

Revelation – Appendix 7

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  1. I appreciate your initiative to prepare study on Book of Revelation. I will be very much interested to study your comments and interpretation.

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