Angelology: The Doctrine of Angels, Demons and Satan

Angel, CrossThis is an in-depth, Biblical study of angels, demons and satan. Profitable for every Christian; essential for every minister, evangelist and prophet! Deuteronomy 32:16-32:17, Ezekiel 1:1-1:28, Luke 20:35-20:36, Psalms 148:1-148:5

Throughout history, man has often wondered whether he is indeed the only intelligent being in this universe, and whether life as we know it is confined to the earth alone. One of the most recent scientific attempts is the search for extraterrestrial life. If life is out there, will it prove friend or foe?
In light of all this, it seems tragic that man does not turn to the Word of God in his search, for the Bible clearly answers this question, as it does all other questions which confront humanity.
Is there intelligent life in the universe? Are there other living and rational creatures “out there” besides man? There are indeed. Are they friend or foe? They are both. Is their “civilization” older than ours? It is. Will we ever learn to communicate with them? We not only will, but a number of human beings already have met and talked with them.
Who are these cosmic creatures? They are called angels. Belief in angels is found in the history of all nations. The ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and others all expressed their belief in angels.
What does the Bible say about angels? Let’s begin this study on angels by studying the origin of angels.
Angels, like everything else in this universe, were made by God.





This question by popular demand!

How many wings do angels have?

The Source

The Nature Of Angels #1

An essential study for all who preach the Word of God. It is vitally important to have a Biblical understanding of the unseen world around us

The Doctrine Of Angels #2

This study covers the Ministry of God’s Holy Angels, as depicted in the Bible. What do angels actually do? Vital studies for all Ministers, evangelist and prophet!

The Doctrine Of Angels #3

This message considers the appearance of demon spirits in the Old Testament. Demons don’t just suddenly appear out of thin air in the Gospels, but are seen in the Older Testament as well

The Doctrine Of Angels #4


Choirs of Angels

Satan is the accuser of the brethren

Satan have to get God’s permission before he can attack us

God is the ultimate Controller of all creation.

Satan have the Power to control the Weather

I believe that this is all part of the grand plan which the Creator has in preparation for the world.

God is all powerful, but why does He not just kill Satan

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