Christians sinners, saints, or both

Oh This is going to be an eye-opening Series Lord Willing! Investigating Who I Am In Christ!

As we continue to look at our identity in Christ, we must settle on how we will fundamentally view ourselves during our stay on earth. Our central characteristic, love for God and others, is a standard that is virtually impossible to attain. Thus, we often find ourselves falling short of loving God and others. Are we sinners who are forgiven, or saints who still sin? When we go to the very foundation of our identity as Christians who still reside in a fallen world, do we find depravity or righteousness?

So we will dig to find the truth, Shall we? (A work in progress.)

First What are we?

Natural Man

Christian saints according to the Bible


Do we all of a sudden become ‘Perfect’ once we become saved as some say we MUST be? They use this Scripture to promote this concept: Matthew 5:48 (KJV) “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” But is that what is meant, we will no longer be capable of sin now?


Is it possible to lose my salvation?
I am a Christian. I love my Lord and in your knowledge of the Bible. If I walk with God and live the life that would please the Father, and I love Jesus and am expecting his return, could anything happen to make me lose salvation?


It was now the sixth hour and the darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour…

It took Three hours of Darkness to see the Light!

Debate still enthralls of whether the nails went through Christs hands or wrist.

Debate whether the nails went through Christ’s hands or wrist

There are five crowns that are mentioned in the New Testament that will be given to Believers. All crowns will be given after Jesus judgement, but do we wear crowns in Heaven or we will give the crowns back to the only worthy one, Jesus Christ? (Work in progress)


Origin of Baptism

Is baptism essential to the Christian life?

Does Acts 22:16 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation

But Wait have we gone over what some say is sin? After all some say at the moment we accept Christ as our Saviour we MUST  become completely without sin, but is that correct? Or would it be that we now become a baby Christian with baggage? What Sins have some mistakenly said is sin, and have harassed Christians to the point they question if they are saved? We will answer if some of the most common ‘Sins’ are really sins.

Christian view of smoking

Gluttony one of the seven

Responsible gambling

The Bible say about drinking alcohol or wine, What about Noah, Timothy?

Christian Sexual Fetish

Now if we could ask God what He viewed as the ‘greatest event in the Bible’, what do you think He would say?

The Greatest Event In The Entire Bible Just Might Surprise You

12 Lies American Evangelicals Believe

John 3:16

Understanding of God

Get to Know God Better

Faith or Works

There is a Spiritual Battle that is Taking Place Around US!

Do We Know that the Bible is the Word of God

The Most Common Sayings People Think are in the Bible, that are Not Actually in the Bible

Are Christians Demigods or ‘little gods’